Action ACTMS01 Black 25oz Massé Pool Cue

Action ACTMS01 Black 25oz Massé Pool Cue

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Whether you're a pool player with a casual interest in masse shots or exploring artistic pool, you may want to consider purchasing a masse cue. Generally, masse cues are different than a standard playing cue in several ways. A masse cue is heavier, shorter, stiffer and has a larger tip. Using a masse cue makes it easier to direct enough force to slide the ball and it allows enough spin on the ball for it to curve. The Action Masse Pool Cue is simply designed for optimal effect for one of the toughest shots to execute on the pool table. This 46 inch long cue weighs 25oz, has a 14mm soft Elk Master tip and a stiff shaft, which is ideal for making those complicated masse shots a lot easier. Note:There is a risk that you may damage your pool table cloth when using this cue! We recommend ordering Stefano Pelinga's cloth shields to help with the protection of your cloth while attempting masses!


Tip: 14mm Elk Master Soft
Ferrule: 1" Black Carbon Fiber
Shaft: 19" Hard Rock Maple, Thick Straight Taper
Collar: Phenolic Joint Collar
Pin: Action Quick Release
Length: 46.5" Total Length
Forearm: Black Matte
Rings: None
Wrap: None, Black Matte
Sleeve: Black Matte
Plate: Black Matte with Silver Action Logo
Bumper: Action Black Rubber Plug Style
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Weight Adjustable: No