Cuetec Cynergy Breach Break Cue

Cuetec Cynergy Breach Break Cue

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The Break shot is the most important shot in every game of pool. It can either be an extreme asset or a severe detriment and for this critical shot, the proper equipment can make a huge difference! Remove that liability from your case and add in a Cuetec Breach Break cue with Cynergy technology. The Breach comes with the specially engineered Cynergy Carbon Fiber composite break shaft featuring a stiffer filament orientation and topped off with the Taom 2.0 Break Jump tip on a short phenolic ferrule.

This is a wrap-less break cue shows off sleek Cuetec Breach logo on the forearm and comes with matching branded joint protectors. The CT945 Breach Break is weight changeable so you can test what works best for your stroke between a lighter 18oz and heavier 21oz based on your preference. Pro tip: The stackable weight bolts are sold separately but you can order 21oz and remove them one ounce at a time! Comes in a classy breach breaker box (smells like fresh new shoes... how cool is that!) with extra freebee's including a patch and cleaning wipes.


Tip: 12.75 - 2.0 Taom  Break/Jump Tip
Ferrule: Phenolic
Shaft: 29" Cynergy Breach Break carbon fiber composite with stiffer filament orientation
Collar: Stainless steel and red rings
Pin: 3/8x14 (Cuetec Joint 21.30mm)
Forearm: Black with red Cuetec logo and Breach logo in white with a satin finish forearm
Rings: Red and silver
Wrap: None
Sleeve: Black with a high gloss finish handle
Plate: Stainless steel
Bumper: Cuetec black rubber screw-in butt cap with bumper
Extras: Comes with joint protectors, Cuetec Patch, and cleaning wipes in a classy Breach Breaker display box
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Manufacturer
Weight Adjustable:                 Yes, with the Scorpion Weight Bolt