Katana KATXS3 Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft

Katana KATXS3 Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft

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Improving on something that was already top of the line is hard to do however Katana has done it with their newest performance shaft. The Katana 3 shafts offer a 10-piece spliced radial construction thereby removing any natural variances when shooting with more consistent results and provides lower deflection, thanks to the alternating directions of the splicing just like the Katana 1 and Katana 2 Slim shafts. Along with the spliced construction of the shaft, the Katana 3 shaft houses a 120mm ultra-light core and a 10mm thin wall light ferrule which drastically reduces the front end weight of the shaft making this Katana 3 shaft a low deflecting high performance shaft and results in increased shot accuracy and control. A 7-layer 12.5mm Katana tip by Tiger stands at the top of the shaft ready to aid in the accuracy of your shots and keep you shooting consistent every time.

*Please be advised that the Katana 3 pool cue shaft is not available in 3/8x8. If you are looking for a specific joint and do not see it listed, please give any one of our PoolDawg Representatives a call at (866) 843-3294


Tip: 12.5mm Katana by Tiger Ferrule: 3/8" Fiber linen  Shaft: 29" 10-piece radial spliced construction with long Pro taper and LCM (Lightweight Core Material) Joint:

Black Collar: 5/16x14, 5/16x18, 3/8x10, 3/8x8 and Uni-Loc®

Black Collar w/silver ring: 3/8x14, 5/16x14 and Uni-Loc®

No Collar: Uni-Loc® and blank

30" length: 3/8x10 w/black collar, 5/16x14 w/black collar, 5/16x14 w/silver ring, 5/16x18 w/black collar and Uni-Loc® w/silver ring


Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer