Cuetec AVID 12.25mm Playing Shaft

Cuetec AVID 12.25mm Playing Shaft

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The AVID shaft solidifies Cuetec as a brand with a focus on technology and performance. With a low price point for a low deflection shaft, AVID brings a value you can't beat! With fiberglass bonding to help resist warpage or any nicks in the shaft, you can be sure that this shaft will last you a while. Topped off with a 12.25mm Tiger Everest tip, you have a full performance shaft! A perfect choice for any AVID pool player.

Make sure you select the proper joint style. The Legacy version has a 20mm joint diameter while the New version has a 21.3mm joint diameter. Old Cuetec cues feature the Legacy version while new Cuetec cues have the New version.


Tip: 12.25mm Tiger Everest Medium
Shaft: 29" Hardrock Maple, Fiberglass Bonded SST
Collar: Black
Pin: 3/8 x 14
Piloted: No
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer