Jacoby Kielwood 12.75mm Pool Cue Shaft

Jacoby Kielwood 12.75mm Pool Cue Shaft

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Kielwood is maple that has been through a process called torrefication that cooks the sugars, removes any moisture, and changes the wood's cellular structure. All this helps keep the shaft resist warping due to humidity or temperature without harming the strength or stiffness of the shaft. Keilwood shafts are perfect for those who want a shaft with the benefits of carbon fiber, but can't sacrifice the feel of a wooden shaft.


Tip: 12.75mm Tiger Everest
Ferrule: 5/8"" Hydex 202 Ferrule
Shaft: 29"" Torrified Maple Kielwood 12-18"" Pro Taper
Pin Sizes: Uni-Loc, Radial, 5/16x18, 5/16 x 14, 3/8 x 10
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty after Registration