Pechauer PEC15 N Series Pool cue

Pechauer PEC15 N Series Pool cue

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Imagine this killer Pechauer PEC15 pool cue – it's got this cool smoke stain vibe on the forearm, giving off serious mysterious vibes. with maple points with red and black veneers that just pop against the dark background. And those floating diamonds? They're like little pearls of wisdom, adding some extra Pooldawg swag. In terms of Rings, we have double silver, shining like a twinkle star, making sure everyone knows you mean business. And the wrap is a classic black and white Irish Linen, comfy and reliable, just like your favorite t-shirt. The sleeve on this cue is rocking that same smoke stain look, with maple red and black diamonds, tying everything together like a boss. This cue's got style for days, ready to hustle at the local spot or show off at a tournament. So, whether you're shooting pool with friends or taking on the pros, this cue's your wingman – bold, badass, and always up for a challenge. As they should be!


Tip: 12.75mm Pechauer Jade Medium
Ferrule: 5/8" Juma
Shaft: 29" Hard Maple, 10-12" Pro Taper
Collar: Black Collar with Silver Ring
Pin: Pechauer Speed Joint
Piloted: Yes
Forearm: Smoke Stain with Maple Points Red and Black Veneers Pearl Floating Diamonds 
Rings: Double Sliver Rings
Wrap: Black and white Irish Linen wrap 
Sleeve: Smoke Stain with Maple Red and Black Diamonds 
Plate: White with Pechauer Logo
Bumper: Pechauer Threaded Bumper -BUMPECT
Warranty: Lifetime
Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Pechauer Weight Bolt