Riley RIL09 Snooker Cue

Riley RIL09 Snooker Cue

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For more than 100 years Riley has set the standard of excellence for snooker cues. From the Heritage Series comes the RIL09, a 3-piece cue featuring the WAC system of weight adjustment which allows you to customize your game by adding or removing up to 1.5 oz. Features include 9.5mm blue diamond tip, brass ferrule, quick release brass joint, and premium ash wood shaft - which provide the solid hit with good feel beloved by so many players. Ebony points, brown splice and yellow veneer combine to give this cue timeless style.


Tip: 9.5mm Blue Diamond
Ferrule: 1/4" Brass
Shaft: 28 1/2" Ash Wood
Collar: Brass
Forearm: Ash Wood
Rings: None
Wrap: None
Weight Adjustable: Yes. W.A.C(weight adjustable cue). Add and remove up to 1.5oz
Sleeve: 4 point butt with Black points
Bumper: None