Aramith 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Ball Set

Aramith 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Ball Set

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The Aramith 100th Anniversary Ball set is the culmination of a Century of Belgian craftmanship. This set debuts the 5th generation of Aramith's phenolic resin, combined with their Duramith™ technology to make the most resilient ball set yet. The vitrification layer has been doubled, creating a harder and more consistent top layer that stands up to impacts 5x better. This top vitrification layer also makes the Aramith100 balls 3x more resilient to wear, scratches, and stains. Also included is a Signed Certificate of Authenticity!  Pick up your legendary Anniversary set before they're gone! Limited quantities available. 

Each ball comes precision-engraved with the Aramith100 logo on it, all packaged in a box made of solid oak. The lid of the box has even been lined with Simonis 860 Yellow Green cloth. 


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Size: 2.25" in Diameter
Balls: Cue Ball and 1-15 Balls 
Box: Solid Oak
Extras: Signed Certificate of Authenticity