PoolDawg Arena Pool Table Cloth

PoolDawg Arena Pool Table Cloth

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Pooldawg Arena Cloth is engineered to combine the performance and speed of a major tournament finals table with commercial grade durability making it the perfect pool table felt choice for your home or bar game room. Available in “TV Table (Tournament) Blue” or “In the Money (Tournament) Green”, this pool table cloth has a professional look and roll that bestows confidence and assures that the hours you spend practicing and playing on your home table will pay off when it matters most!


Generally speaking, pool table felt is either considered to be woolen or worsted with the latter representing the highest quality for speed and consistency. Worsted options are also over double the price of standard woolen blends so most people end up settling with a “good enough” cloth for their table. PoolDawg Arena Cloth is a Hybrid Blend pool table felt.  “Hybrid” because it is a woolen blend that plays with the speed, performance, and consistency of a worsted cloth but at a fraction of the price.

Active Shear

The key to achieving the high performance at a low price comes from the special “active shear” finishing process where the woolen blend cloth is shaved down with three actively moving blades (fine, finer, and finest) to shorten the fibers. The shortened fibers minimize piling and calibrate the cloth to the optimal playing characteristics.

This finishing process is analogous to the tires that stock car racers use where the treads are removed to get more speed and better performance on the track. As a result, PoolDawg Arena Cloth is 23% faster than other standard woolen blends with control and consistency that even the pros will appreciate!

tournament performance

Major amateur league tournaments like the American Pool Player Association World Pool Championships, which is the World’s Largest Pool Tournament (verified by Guinness), have used this same 19oz, 75% wool with 25% blend on their tables for the event finals played in the PoolDawg Championship Arena.

An extra feature that PoolDawg Arena Cloth has over the cloth used in the amateur championships is the addition Teflon fabric protection. This cloth is literally bathed in it to provide true stain resistance and stain release. The treated cloth doesn’t affect the cue ball slide but liquid spills bead up to easily be wiped away. Residual coloring from “stains” can get lifted with minimal effort. This is a huge advantage in commercial settings and at home when patrons, unruly guests, or your parent’s grandchildren create havoc.

Burn Mark Resistant

Unsightly marks caused by ball friction with the cloth, called “burn marks”, are also greatly reduced and can be hidden with gentle wiping of the area where the fibers are able to blend them away. This is a huge benefit that helps keep your table looking great over the life of the cloth!

commercial grade

Pooldawg Arena Cloth is made by Championship Billiard Fabric (Champbilliards, Inc) whose cloth has been trusted by pool table mechanics and bar box vendors for decades. It’s proven durability in commercial settings assures that this cloth will continue to look and play great for years!


Size: 7, 8, and 9ft pool tables
Weight: 19oz per linear yard
Blend: 75% Wool/25% Nylon
Cloth Type: Woolen Hybrid
Colors: TV Table Blue, In The Money Green 
Rails: Included and pre-cut 
Table Spots: Four Pooldawg Spots
Chalk: Pooldawg Masters Chalk - Box of 12

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