2024 PoolDawg Catalog

2024 PoolDawg Catalog

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Get your very own copy of the 2024 PoolDawg catalog! In this condensed version of our website, you'll get 60+ pages of pool cues, pool cue cases and billiards accessories all in a handy 6" x 10.5" catalog. While it doesn't list everything we have on our website, it is the perfect size for the top of the toilet tank. If you are ordering your catalog with something else, we'll stick it in the shipping box. Otherwise, we'll mail it to you via first-class mail, but that usually takes a couple of weeks. You can also request a catalog using our handy dandy catalog request form. Either way, we'll get a catalog out to you.


Length: 60 pages
Products: Hundreds
Degree of Awesomeness: Infinite