McDermott Weight Bolt

McDermott Weight Bolt

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Weight bolts for McDermott pool cues come in two sizes, a slim style at 1/2" and a fat style at 3/4". All are removable from the bottom of the cues and are not stackable. Please keep that in mind when changing the weight of your McDermott cue. You can change the weight bolts by using a hex head, or an allen head wrench.

Slim Style:1/2" diameter at the base and is the most common used in McDermott cues made in mid-late 90's

Fat Style: 3/4" diameter at the base and was used in older McDermott cues made before early 90's


Additional Information

McDermott Billiards Accessories
Sizes: .5oz, -  4.0oz
Cues:  McDermott cues
1/2" bolt .5oz length:            2"                             
1/2" bolt 1.0oz length:   1.25"
1/2" bolt 1.5oz length: 2"
1/2" bolt 2.0oz length: 2.75"
1/2" bolt 2.5oz length: 3.5"
1/2" bolt 3.0oz length: 4.25"
1/2" bolt 3.5oz length: 4.875"
1/2" bolt 4.0oz length: 5.625"
3/4" bolt .5oz length: 1.275"
3/4" bolt 2.0oz length: 1.275"
3/4" bolt 3.0oz length: 2"
3/4" bolt 3.5oz length: 2.5"
3/4" bolt 4.5oz length: 2.875"
3/4" bolt 5.5oz length: 4"
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