Predator QR2 Mini Extension (3 inch)

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Predator QR2 Mini Extension (3 inch)

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Size does matter when it comes to pool - especially on extensions! From 10" to 8" to even 5", there are many styles and options on the market for that perfect extension. Some are universal and give you rear extended length and some are forwarded weighted and fit between your shaft and butt end. Predator already has their 8" QR-2 extension out but for some players, that is a little to long. Say hello to the 8" QR-2's little brother! This Predator QR-2 extension is only 3 inches in length but still comes with the QR Extension bumper just like its counterpart. Remove your existing Predator bumper from your Predator cue, install the 3" QR-2 extension in, and viola! You have extended your cue with ease. This little bugger is the perfect size to stick in any small accessory pocket of your case and comes with its own carrying sleeve. Thanks Predator!! 

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Additional Information

Predator Billiards Accessories
Color:    Black    
Length:    3 inches    
Uses:    Can be used with: 8K, BK3, BLAK2, CRM, IKON2, P3, SP6, Sport 2, Throne Series, Limited/Special Edition cues (2012 and newer) and Molinari by Predator Carom Cues. This extension will work with Predator bumpers with threads that are 5/18" diameter
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