Riley RIL07 Snooker Cue

Riley RIL07 Snooker Cue

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Snooker is a game of true skill and strategy, and the Riley RIL07 Snooker cue is the perfect tool to master this sport. This affordable cue is crafted in North American ash with vibrant red stain on the butt. Four points on the forearm lead down to the sleeve area where ebony and red stained maple form alternating soft points.

Vertical ebony lines extend off the soft points to a brass colored ring. The brass collar, joint and ferrule provide the solid hit with good feel preferred by many players. You won't be disappointed with the performance of this cue.


Tip: 9.5mm Blue Diamond
Ferrule: 1/4" Brass
Shaft: 28 1/2" Ash Wood
Collar: Brass
Pin: Standard Spiral Brass Joint
Forearm: Ash Wood
Rings: none
Wrap: none
Sleeve: 4 point butt with red stain, ebony and red stained maple front splicing
Plate: none
Bumper: Black Rubber