Scorpion SC22A 2 x 2 Hard Case

Scorpion SC22A 2 x 2 Hard Case

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This Scorpion pool cue case is built to fit 2 butts and 2 shafts. The interior structure is a casing molded from poured rubber and lined with soft felt cloth to ensure a comfortable ride for your cues. The outside of this case is a black vinyl oval with black plastic feet to help keep it lasting long. There are also two large pockets so you can carry all of your pool accessories with you. The smaller of these pockets is adorned with the Scorpion logo to confirm to you that you are getting a Scorpion quality case.


Colors: Black with Scorpion Logo
Shape: Oval
Material: Vinyl
Pockets: 2, longer is 14 inches in length
Base: Plastic feet
Length: Fits up to 30" shaft
Structure: Separate plastic tubes
Lining: Felt/soft cloth
Direction: Shaft inserts tip down or tip up
Butt: Butt inserts pin down or pin up