Spartan Interchangeable Joint Adapters

Spartan Interchangeable Joint Adapters

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These shaft inserts allow you to switch out the joint style on your Spartan Carbon Fiber shaft so it is compatible with other pool cues. You no longer need to spend an extra $400 - $500+ to get a completely different Carbon Fiber Shaft to use on your various cues. These Spartan Joint Adapters give you the option to easily change your Spartan shaft from one joint style to another in seconds with the FREE Adapter Wrench. With just a few turns, the pin can be replaced with a completely different style! Available in Uniloc, Radial, 3/8 x 10, 5/16 x 14, and 5/16 x 18. Bring your cue customization to the next level with Spartan.

*These joint adapters only work with the Spartan Victory Carbon Fiber shafts which are available in the standard 12.75mm and the advanced 12.25mm tip sizes


Joint Styles:  3/8 x 10, 5/16 x 14, 5/16 x 18, Radial and UniLoc
Includes: Shaft insert and Adapter Wrench