Tiger Sniper Pool Cue Tip (Single)

Tiger Sniper Pool Cue Tip (Single)

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Tiger Sniper Laminated cue tips are made from boar hide tanned under ground. Treated slowly and without any chemicals, each hide takes up to a year to tan completely. The hide is then treated to give the tips characteristics to improve your game. Using the unique VACULAM™ vacuum lamination process, air is eliminated between the layers and within the leather.

A treatment, Advanced Pressurized Process, also makes these cue tips adaptable to any player or game, regardless of style. The Sniper tip has all the characteristics of a tip that will hold chalk well and give you maximum control, consistency and the least amount of deflection a tip can offer.

Quantity: One (1) individual tip


Tip Sizes:       14mm Leather
Hardness:        Medium
Hardness Score:        78
Tips per Box:        1
Material:        Layered Boarskin