X10R Slip-On 12" Pool Cue Extension

X10R Slip-On 12" Pool Cue Extension

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The X10R rear extension is the easiest to use rear extension we've ever carried! Simply push the extension onto any cue and play as usual! To remove, simply pull the extension off the butt. No twisting, no hard surfaces to damage the finish on your cues! The X10R can accommodate any cue with a butt sleeve diameter between 1.1" and 1.3", which includes just about every cue on the market.

Included with the extension are three velcro shims that are used to guarantee a secure fit. Once the extension is securely attached, there is VERY little play and the extension cannot be removed under the weight of the cue itself. If you're looking for the "quickest-release" extension out there, this is it!

Check out this detailed product review for more information about how it works:


Length: Adds 12", 14" Overall
Weight: 6oz
Size: 1.1" to 1.3" Butt Diameter
Colors: Black, Bone, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink