Cuetec Pool Cues

Cuetec Cues are among the most popular pool cues today due in part to their relationship with World Champion Shane van Boening. The standard line of Cuetec cues features a unique composite shell of fiberglass that acts like armor. The Cuetec "power-bonding" process permanently bonds the fiberglass coating to the wood, locking out moisture and creating a tough, durable dent and ding resistant pool cue shaft!

The Cynergy line of cues are made with Carbon fiber shaft and they are the latest and greatest in pool cue technology that features almost zero deflection and unprecedented consistency and durability. 
Whether you choose the classic SST shaft or the Cynergy carbon fiber shafts, you can't go wrong with Cuetec.  PoolDawg is an Authorized Dealer for Cuetec pool cues.
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Cuetec CT939 Ebony Cynergy No-Wrap Pool Cue
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