Kamui Diamond Slicer Kicking and Banking System

Kamui Diamond Slicer Kicking and Banking System

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The Kamui Diamond Slicer is a rail-mounted training and aiming aid for the players that use the 'Diamond' system, or just need a little extra help improving their banking skills. Installation is very easy, and requires no tools. Simply peel the backing off one sticker at a time and connect each diamond around the table. Trim off excess sticker wherever the sticker overhangs on a pocket. The Kamui Diamond Slicer stickers are not designed to be repositionable, so be careful!

Jennifer Baretta and Kamui created this helpful video to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Diamond Slicer!


Table Sizes: 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft. The Kamui Diamond Slicer is not compatible with 8.5' or 8OS

Pool Tables Distance from diamond to diamond: 7ft (254mm / 10 inches), 8ft (285.75mm / 11.25 inches), 9ft (317.5mm/ 12.5 inches)

*Please measure the space between your diamonds and compare it to the above distance to ensure an accurate fit.

Please measure and be sure your table will have a good fit before you install. We CAN NOT accept returns on already installed Kamui Diamond Slicers.