Katana 2 Butt 2 Shaft Hard Case

Katana 2 Butt 2 Shaft Hard Case

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Looking for the protection of a hard case without the bulkiness that comes with standard hard cases? The Katana 2x2 is one of the most unique pool cue cases on the market. The minimalistic design of the case gets rid of the pockets that come standard on most cases, instead focusing on the sole task of protecting your cues.

This case will hold up to two butts and two shafts and features a slide off top, making it one of the stealthiest cases on the market. As with all Katana products, this pool cue case includes a one year manufacturer's warranty.


Color: Black
Shape: Oval
Material: Vinyl
Pockets: None
Shaft Length: Fits up to 29" shaft
Structure: Tubes with nylon divider
Lining: soft fabric
Direction: Shaft inserts tip down
Butt: Butt inserts bumper down
Additional: Case includes a shoulder strap