Spartan Victory Carbon Shaft - 12.25mm

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Spartan Victory Carbon Shaft - 12.25mm

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The Victory carbon fiber shaft by Spartan is the industry's first truly customizable low-deflection shaft, with joint style, tip diameter, ferrule color, and tip all available for YOU to choose. The Victory shaft is a 12.25mm, 29" shaft with a true 14" pro taper that is crafted from one continuous piece of carbon fiber. The unique construction gives the shaft a uniform stiffness along both the shafts length and circumference.

The top 8" of the Victory Carbon shaft is filled with an ultra-lightweight foam, which preserves the low-end mass, dampens unwanted vibration, and produces a more appealing sound (even on off-center hits!) The Victory shaft offers excellent playability and feel, with a maintenance-free ultra smooth finish that is dent and ding resistant.

PLEASE NOTE: The Spartan Victory shafts do not come with tips installed. You may choose to install your own tip, or we can install the tip of your choice from the drop-down menu above. Tip Change Labor Fee is WAIVED (You'll automatically receive the discount at checkout)!

If you are looking for a larger tip size, the Spartan Victory is also available in a 12.75mm option!

All Spartan Victory Carbon shafts are manufactured and assembled in the USA, and include a limited lifetime warranty.


Additional Information

Spartan Pool Cues
Joint Style:

Uniloc, Radial, 3/8 x 10,

5/16 x 14, 5/16 x 18

Tip Diameter 12.25mm
Tip Does not come with a tip. Select your own. Tip Change Labor Fee is WAVED
Ferrule: 3mm Black or White Juma
Length: 29"
Shaft: Continuous Carbon Fiber
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