The Illustrated Principles Of Pool and Billiards DVD

The Illustrated Principles Of Pool and Billiards DVD

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The DVD contains narrated video demonstrations of various pool and billiards techniques and principles, narrated descriptions of various illustrations and examples from the book, and super-slow-motion video clips filmed with a special high-frame-rate video camera.

This DVD helps you learn everything from the fundamentals (stance, stroke, aiming methods, etc.) to advanced techniques(English, carom shots, jump and masse shots, etc.).

This DVD includes: - 1 hour and 12 minutes of illustrations, examples, tips, and demonstrations.
Over 100 video demonstrations and super-slow-motion video clips.
Plays on any DVD player (US compatible) or any computer with a DVD drive


Format: Fullscreen
Length: 72 minutes
Note: Does not come in a hard case