McDermott Weight Bolt

McDermott Weight Bolt

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Weight bolts for McDermott pool cues come in two sizes, a slim style at 1/2" and a fat style at 3/4". The slim style is the bolt used for models made after the early 2000's. The fat style is used for models made prior to the mid 90's. Cues made between the mid 90's and early 2000's may have either bolt, please verify before purchasing. All are removable from the bottom of the cues and are not stackable. You can change the weight bolts by using a hex head, or an allen head wrench.

Slim Style:1/2" diameter at the base 

Fat Style: 3/4" diameter at the base 


Bolt weights: .5oz, -  4.0oz
Cues:  McDermott cues
Slim Style
 .5oz ;  length: 2"          
1.0oz ; length: 2.25"  
1.5oz ; length: 2.5"
2.0oz ; length: 2.75"
2.5oz ; length: 3.5"
3.0oz ; length: 4.25"
3.5oz ; length: 4.875"
4.0oz ; length: 5.625"
Fat Style
  .5oz  ; length: 1.275"
2.0oz  ; length: 1.275"
3.0oz  ; length: 2"
3.5oz  ; length: 2.5"
4.5oz  ; length: 2.875"
5.5oz  ; length: 4"