Joss 8" Rear Pool Cue Extension

Joss 8" Rear Pool Cue Extension

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This Joss Pool Cue extension is your next go to extension. Joss Pool Cues have been in the business for years, and with the creation of their 8” extension (and 10"), this extension will easily fit onto a plug style compression bumper or a threaded bumper! Attachable to the back end of your cue through the bumper, there is no need to match up any pins which allows this extension to be removed and installed in a flash. So whatever cue you shoot with, this will more than likely work. Please give one of our Sales Associates a call if you have more questions regarding this extension or would like to ask further questions. 


Length:    8" rear extension  
Material:      Plastic
Uses:  Either plug style or screw in bumper style cues    
Color:  Black