Molinari 3 Butt 6 Shaft Black/Grey Hybrid Cue Case

Molinari 3 Butt 6 Shaft Black/Grey Hybrid Cue Case

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Our pool cues are our prized possessions so when we take them with us to tournaments or local pool halls, we want to know our cues are well protected. With a butterfly style opening and extended zippers on the butt end slots, you can quickly and easily get your cues out of the case and put away in the blink of an eye. Loaded with accessory pockets, upgraded zippers and a ultra-vinyl outside material, the black and grey Molinari 3 butt and 6 shaft hybrid case is your new go-to pool cue case. Frank approves! 


Shape: Hybrid soft
Material: Ultra-Vinyl
Length: 33" long
Structure: Butterfly style 
Direction: Shaft insert tip down, butt insert bumper down
Color: Black with grey accents and the Molinari logo 
Long Accessory Pocket: 18" x 5"
Small Accessory Pocket: 7.5" x 4.5"
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacture