Joss 6" Rear Pool Cue Extension

Joss 6" Rear Pool Cue Extension

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The Joss 6” Rear Pool Cue Extension is available in two options for Joss cues: plug style or screw-in. If you have the threaded bumper, please be sure to select the screw in option. If you have an older joss cue that uses a press-fit bumper, please choose the plg-style extension.The Joss 6” rear extensions are all black, with a white band at the bottom showing a black Joss logo and are a very durable plastic so they will last for years to come. Each extension does have its own bumper so you can rest assured if you set your cue bumper down, you won’t jeopardize the back end of your cue.


Length:    6" rear extension  
Material:      Plastic
Uses:  Either plug style or screw in bumper Joss cues  
Color:  Black