2 x 2 Cases

2 x 2 Cases

Of all the sizes we carry, the 2x2 style is by far the most popular.  Most pool players like to travel with a playing cue and a utility cue (such as a breaker or jump break cue).  In addition to being able to carry two butts and two shafts, most of these cases also feature extra pocket space, and in many cases, a pocket designed just for your jumper butt.

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  • Elite ECR22 - 2 Butt 2 Shaft Racer Case

    Elite 2 butt and 2 shaft Racer Case is a hard case made with vinyl.  The case has two pockets with the long pocket having a holder for your jump butt. 

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  • Elite 2 Butt 2 Shaft Sport Deluxe Case

    Elite definitely knows how to build a stunning case. With this new 2x2 Sport Deluxe case, they've retained their signature style, bringing in dark, chocolatey browns for a more traditional, sleek look, accentuated by the subtle silver highlights along the forward stitching. As always, the inner tubes are lined with felt to make sure that not only will your cues be travelling in style, but safety as well.

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  • Elite 2 Butt 2 Shaft Nylon Sport Case

    Nylon is a tough fabric, and Elite knows that for certain. With this new two butt, two shaft case, Elite brings the lightweight toughness of nylon to your travelling game. While it may lack the traditional style of leather, it'll hold up under wear and won't weigh on you too heavy as you bring your cues with you on the road.

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  • Elite 2 Butt 2 Shaft Leather Case

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    Carry and protect two butts and two shafts up to 30-inches in length with the Elite ECL22 tube style case. This genuine leather case is available in Black, Black/Burgundy and Desert it features an interesting stud design. A large 15.5-inch pocket, quick lock snaps, two carrying handles and a shoulder strap add value to this elegant case.

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