Training Tools

Training Tools

Watching can be a great way to learn, but for many it’s all about doing rather than observing (also known as Kinesthetic learning).  If you’d rather do than watch, you need to check out our selection of billiard training aids. 

 We carry tools that will help you aim, will teach you cue ball control and will turn you into a better all-around pool player.  As always, if you need help finding the right training tools or billiard products for your unique learning style, just give us a call at 866-843-3294 and one of our billiards specialists will help you find the perfect tool to improve your game.

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  • Practice Pro Pocket Reducers

    What do pool players hate more than anything? Missing a shot. This is why Practice Pro was created. Practice Pro consists of a set of six pocket reducers and is used to improve aiming skills and sharpen accuracy.

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  • Action Toxic Training Ball

    Every time I see this ball, it makes me think of Marty McFly, Doc Brown and a kickass plutonium charged DeLorean. Makes you wonder what would happen if you hit this ball at 88 MPH...

    In all seriousness, the Action Toxic Training Ball is a great way to improve your cue ball positioning and is helpful for players of all skill level. This new training balls has detailed target grids designed to give the shooter visual feedback of where to strike the cue ball in order to get the desired amount of "english". Practicing with this great training aid will teach you the trick of getting accurate draw, follow, side spin and even bank shots. Learn More

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  • Junior Cue with Ball Attached

    IPJRC Junior Cue with Ball Attatched Instructional Product

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