Looking for some cheap pool cues this spring? Maybe an inexpensive case to bring to the pool hall? If so, you've come to the right place.

Here you'll find all of our clearance billiards cues, cases, furniture and billiards accessories. If there's a special pool cue sale, you'll find it here. All items listed in this section are of very limited quantities, so once they're gone, they're gone!

When shopping the clearance section, you'll notice that several of the pool cues are listed as refurbished. These are cues that, for various reasons, were returned to us. They've been cleaned and graded based on our refurbished cue grading scale. In many cases, these cues include upgraded tips and/or wraps.  Because they have been sold and in most cases used, we cannot sell them as new, which means extra savings for you!

All refurbished cues are "1 of 1", so as they are sold, they are removed from the site. As always, if you have any questions just give us a call at 866-843-3294!

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  • PoolDawg Comfort Strap

    Don't you hate it when your shoulder strap digs into your shoulder? Well fear not, because the PoolDawg Comfort Strap is here! This new strap features black faux fur padding for extra stability and cushion, a smartphone pocket and D-Ring hooks. Attaches easily to most cases. Strap extends to 39 inches. Learn More

    Market Price: $22.95

    Our Price: $14.95

    You Save $8.00 (35%)

  • Darts Clock

    Don't shoot! This unique wall clock looks just like a dart board - mixed up numbers and all. (Telling the actual time might be a little tricky, but who is watching the clock anyway?) You'll want to keep your darts away from this board, however. If your game of choice is darts, this clock is sure to fuel your passion for the game. Learn More

    Market Price: $111.90

    Our Price: $45.95

    You Save $65.95 (59%)

  • 14.1 How I Run Sticker

    We've all seen those stickers that runners have on their cars - 13.1 for a half-marathon, 26.2 for a full marathon. Well, here at PoolDawg, we have our own type of marathon - 14.1. Also known as straight pool, anyone who's played and gone on a serious run in 14.1 knows how exhausting and exhilarating it can be. Learn More

    Market Price: $1.95

    Our Price: $0.75

    You Save $1.20 (62%)

  • Stealth Bomber STHBK01 25oz - Certified Preowned Cue

    Certified Pre-Owned Score Card

    Cue Part Score Notes
    Tip: 6 Lightly chalked
    Ferrule: 4 A few scratches
    Shaft: 2 Slightly warped and a small dent
    Joint: 7 Like New
    Butt: 6 Small chip in butt near bumper
    Grade 5.0  

    This Stealth STKBK01 black bomber break cue has been used.  The tip has been lightly chalked, the ferrule has a few scratches, the shaft is slightly warped and has a small dent and there is a chip in the butt near the bumper.  This cue is 25oz and cannot be weight changed.  If you  have any questions about this or any of the products we sell, just give us a call at 866-843-3294!

    And what makes this breaker so special? First off, we have the Dooley handle. Think steering wheel grip, but on a pool cue. Second, it's 25oz. Sure, it isn't as heavy as the Elite breaker, but at 25oz, the cue is legal for pretty much every league. Third, leather tip, so once again, totally legal. Fourth, a matching black matte shaft. And lastly, free matching joint protectors!

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