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Game Room

All the game room accessories you need are here at PoolDawg. We carry everything from pool tables and game tables to darts and wall art. With hundreds of items in stock and ready to ship, PoolDawg is the ultimate resource for getting the best recreation room ideas.

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  1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 Electronic Dart Board

    Arachnid, the industry leader in electronic dart boards, offers up the Cricket Pro 750. The board is designed to minimize bounce-outs and comes with a bounce-out amend feature. This AC-powered unit includes six soft-tip darts plus extra replacement tips.

    Features include:

    • Scrolling LED score display for up to 8 players
    • 5 different Cricket games
    • 15.5 target area
    • Record your own Voice Feature
    • 6 Soft Tip Darts and Extra Tips Included
    • AC Power
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    Market Price: $299.99

    Now $219.99

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  2. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dart Board

    Choosing an electronic dart board for your family game room or bar is wise no holes in your wall, no injuries from an errant throws. Arachnid, the industry leader, offers up the Cricket Pro 800, the King Daddy of all electronic dart games.

    Features include:

    • 8 player scrolling LED score and game display
    • 7 different cricket games
    • 15.5 target area
    • Dart averaging software and even an interactive heckler program!

    This AC-powered unit, which comes with 6 soft tip darts (including extra tips), is designed to minimize bounce-outs and supplies a bounce-out amend feature.

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    Market Price: $329.99

    Now $249.99

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  3. Nodor Supawire2 Dart Board

    Why settle for an economy dart board when you can have the best. Nodor, the inventors of the bristle dartboard have been making boards since 1932.

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    Market Price: $64.99

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  4. Winmau Blade III Sisal Dart Board
    If you're serious about darting, you need a serious dart board. That's where the Blade III comes into play. If you've ever watched professional darting events, chances are you've seen the Winmau Blade III in action. The reason is quality. The Blade II features an amazing dynamic blade wiring system, designed to move and not trap any of the sisal fibre in the doubles and triples. This technology seriously maximizes playability. Learn More

    Market Price: $89.95

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  5. Ping Pong Balls
    12 Orange Ping Pong Balls perfect for playing table tennis. Learn More

    Market Price: $6.95

    Now $5.95

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  6. Ping Pong Paddles & Ball Set

    If you are a fan of the Olympic sport that started in 1988 and need some new gear? These Strike Table Tennis Bat's will help with speed and performance as you succeed at the worlds most popular racket sport. This set comes with 4 paddles and 6 balls. 

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    Market Price: $19.95

    Now $14.95

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  7. Ping Pong Net and Clip Set
    Ping Pong Net and Clips Set Learn More

    Market Price: $24.95

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    You Save $5.00 (20%)

  8. Classic Soccer Foosballs
    Classic Soccer Foosballs Learn More

    Market Price: $5.95

    Now $4.95

    You Save $1.00 (17%)

  9. Keep Calm and Stroke On - Mens - Charcoal

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen some variation of the "Keep Calm" shirts. Keep Calm and Party On, Keep Calm and Call Mom, Keep Calm and Chive On (for all you fans of The Chive), you get the idea. Well here at PoolDawg we always try to keep up with the trends and what the cool kids are doing. As such, we are proud to present the "Keep Calm and Stroke On" tee just for pool players!

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  10. Economy 3-Shade Pool Table Light

    No game room is complete without proper lighting to illuminate the billiards table. This 58-inch Black Matte pool table light is sure to add the finishing touches to your décor. Featuring three metal shades held together by a Black pole with attractive end pieces, this fixture gives the look of understated elegance. When this hard-wired fixture is connected to an electrical source, unsightly electrical cords are eliminated and you will be able to illuminate your table with the flick of a switch.

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