Hard Pool Cue Cases

Hard Pool Cue Cases

Hard pool cue cases feature high impact tubes that hold your butt and shaft in place while you're on the move. These cue cases for sale can help protect against dents as well as warping. The smallest cases are referred to as one butt/one shaft cases, meaning they allow you to carry one cue butt and one cue shaft in the case. Cases typically go as high as three butt/seven shaft or even four butt/eight shaft. If you're a player on the go, a hard case is the case for you.

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  • Katana 2 Butt 2 Shaft Hard Case

    Looking for the protection of a hard case without the bulkiness that comes with standard hard cases? The Katana 2x2 is one of the most unique pool cue cases on the market. The minimalistic design of the case gets rid of the pockets that come standard on most cases, instead focusing on the sole task of protecting your cues.

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  • Katana 1 Butt 1 Shaft Hard Case

    True to their Japanese inspiration, Katana cues combine highly advanced technology with simple, minimalist designs. Their cues are some of my favorites, but they’ve really outdone themselves with this pool cue case. Learn More

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