Misc. Billiards Accessories

Misc. Billiards Accessories

Looking for that one billiards themed product you can't find anywhere else? We've got pocket markers, ashtrays, keychains, bottle openers, pilsner glasses and much more. Can't find what you're looking for? Be sure to check out our other pool cue accessories and pool table accessories or call us at 866-843-3294.

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  • Athena Logo T-Shirt

    A new vivid logo t-shirt straight from Athena. Learn More

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    Our Price: $24.00

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  • PoolDawg Pint Glass

    What's better than a frosty one served in a pint glass? How about a frosty one served in a PoolDawg pint glass? These pint glasses are made by Libbey Glassware from thick, durable glass and are made with pride here in the USA. As one of the most respected and trusted names in glassware, you know you're getting a high quality product if the name Libbey is attached to it. Plus, we'd never put our name on any product that wasn't completely awesome. Learn More

    Market Price: $8.95

    Our Price: $5.95

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    As low as: $3.95

  • PoolDawg Logo Coin Holder

    4.81 (16)

    Tired of carrying around pockets of quarters for coin operated pool tables? If so, this coin holderis the perfect solution. This spring loaded coin holder features the black and red PoolDawg logo and can manage up to a full roll of quarters and it can also hold dollar coins, releasing one at a time.

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    Market Price: $3.95

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  • Athena Coin Holder

    5.00 (1)
    Athena cues - made for women, by women. Athena has now given you a lady-like way to carry your quarters. Spring-loaded plastic case holds a $10 roll of quarters and it also holds dollar coins securely to keep your purse from jingling and jangling, whether you're getting ready to kick some ass on the table or just need to feed your meter. Learn More

    Market Price: $3.95

    Our Price: $2.95

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  • PoolDawg Luggage ID Tag

    4.50 (6)

    Why is it that every bag looks the same when it comes out on the luggage carousel? It doesn't matter how I try and change it up, I always have at least one piece of luggage that looks just like 20 others on the rack. Well not anymore my friends. Learn More

    Market Price: $7.95

    Our Price: $4.95

    You Save $3.00 (38%)

  • Poker Pool Game Cards

    5.00 (1)

    The Poker Pool card sets offers a fun and exciting new way to play pool for players of all ability levels. The deck of Poker Pool Playing cards contains 60 cards that feature the 1 through 15 ball in the four different poker suits plus 4 scratch cards. It also comes with instructions on how to 10 different card games on the pool table

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    Market Price: $9.99

    Our Price: $7.99

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  • 14.1 How I Run Sticker

    We've all seen those stickers that runners have on their cars - 13.1 for a half-marathon, 26.2 for a full marathon. Well, here at PoolDawg, we have our own type of marathon - 14.1. Also known as straight pool, anyone who's played and gone on a serious run in 14.1 knows how exhausting and exhilarating it can be. Learn More

    Market Price: $1.95

    Our Price: $0.75

    You Save $1.20 (62%)

  • PoolDawg Peel and Stick Patch

    4.50 (2)
    Show off your favorite online pool and billiards store with this nifty embroidered peel and stick patch from PoolDawg. Measuring 2" x 3", this patch features the classic red PoolDawg logo on a black background with a red border. No glue or sewing necessary. All you need to do is peel off the wax backing and stick it on. Learn More

    Market Price: $3.95

    Our Price: $1.95

    You Save $2.00 (51%)

  • Mirrored Billiard Sign

    5.00 (1)
    Class up any gameroom with this decorative 27" x 15" mirrored billiard sign. Featuring a oak stained frame and the word "billiards" scripted on a Green and Red background, this mirror is perfect for any gameroom. Learn More

    Market Price: $79.95

    Our Price: $59.95

    You Save $20.00 (25%)

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