Pool Cue Accessories

Pool Cue Accessories

Find all the accessories for your pool cues here at Whether its pool cue chalk, cue tips, tip tools or shaft cleaners, PoolDawg has the billiards accessories you're looking for. We have gloves, joint protectors, bridges, training books and much more are all in stock and ready to ship.

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  • Tiger Glue (1 oz)

    This billiards glue is used to secure a new tip to the ferrule of the shaft. This Tiger glue is similar to super glue, allowing the new cue to be ready to use just 10 minutes after application. With this on hand, there will be almost no down time if a cue loses its tip in the middle of an intense rack.

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  • Tiger S-4 Shaft Sealer

    When it comes to maintaining your pool cue shaft, a simple cleaning just isn't enough. Cleaning your shaft will pull the dirt and grime out, but if you don't seal after you clean, it's going to start collecting new dirt right away. That's where the Tiger S4 shaft sealer comes into play. Just apply some of the S4 to a piece of cloth and wipe on your shaft while turning it. Allow it to dry, then repeat as needed. Learn More

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  • Tiger Crystal Shaft Cleaner

    Do you have a shaft that needs cleaning? All you need to do is apply the Crystal Shaft Cleaner to a clean piece of cloth, hold the cloth firmly while turning your pool cue shaft moving it gradually from one end to the other and your shaft will be clean in no time flat. The Crystal Shaft Cleaner gets into the pores of your wood shaft and pulls the dirt right out. Shaft scuffer pad is included for an even deeper clean.

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  • Tiger Paw 3-Cue Holder

    The Tiger Paw 3-Cue Holder is one of the most innovative holders on the market today. Unlike most cue holders, the Tiger Paw is a weighted holder that doesn't require clamps. Since it doesn't need to be fastened to your table, it will not cause any scratches or nicks. Learn More

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  • Tiger Smoother and Burnisher

    Tiger Shaft Smoother & Burnisher smooths and cleans the shaft faster, leaves the shaft smooth & slick longer.  The finer side burnishes the shaft naturally and, helps to protect the shaft from moisture.

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  • Tiger Le Manifik Cue Tip Shaper and Scuffer

    If you're looking for a tool that does it all, the Tiger Le Manifik is the perfect option. Featuring nickel and dime shapers, coarse and fine scuffers and a suede carrying bag, this just may be the last tip tool you ever need .

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  • Tiger Emerald Pool Cue Tips (Box of 24)

    Tiger Emerald Laminated Cue Tips are medium hard tips are made with recycled pig leather splits and laminated with water based custom-made adhesives to get the maximum strength for lamination. Skived with 10 consistent layers in the Tiger factory and laminated with Vaculam™ vacuum lamination process. Learn More

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  • Tiger Laminated Pool Cue Tips (Box of 12)

    Play with a Tiger Laminated cue tip and improve your game. Laminated with the VACULAM™ process and made out of 11 layers of either pig skin or cow hide, Tiger Laminated cue tips give players the most choices on hardness, playability and control.

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  • Tiger Icebreaker Pool Cue Tips (Box of 12)

    Looking for a premium pool cue tip for your break cue and want to buy them by the box? Check out the Tiger Icebreaker tips. Rather than using a pure phenolic, Tiger created a tip that blends leather and phenolic to give you greater performance while maintaining the strength of a phenolic tip. Plus, they're completely legal for use in league play. Learn More

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  • Tiger Sniper Pool Cue Tips (Box of 12)

    Tiger Sniper Laminated cue tips are made from boar hide tanned under ground. Treated slowly and without any chemicals, each hide takes up to a year to tan completely. The hide is then treated to give the tips characteristics to improve your game. Using the unique VACULAM™ vacuum lamination process, air is eliminated between the layers and within the leather.

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