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Pool Cue Chalkers offers a wide selection of billiards and cue chalkers and pool chalk holders. Tools like the Chalk Shark, the Shadow Chalker and the Retractable Chalker will make sure you never lose your billiards chalk again.

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  • Octagon Pool Cue Chalker

    5.00 (2)

    So here's the thing. We all love the new Predator 1080 chalk, but finding a pocket chalker that works with it has been a huge problem. Well, thanks to the guys over at Action, there's now a pocket chalker that solves this problem. Designed specifically to fit a cube of Predator 1080 chalk, the holder features an octagonal shape that grips your chalk, keeping it nice and safe.

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  • Magnetic Pocket Chalker

    Always have your chalk at hand with this new magnetic chalker! The tooled leather clasp of this chalker slips right over your belt and leaves the black vinyl cube right at arm's reach and ready to go.

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  • Summit Magnetic Chalk Holder

    1.00 (1)

    The Summit Magnetic Chalk Holder will keep your chalk handy at all times. This magnetic chalker holds various sizes of chalk and is secured into the square chalk holder with the tightening tool. Simply clip it to your belt or pocket, chalk up, then shoot your next shot with confidence. Available in black, burgundy, purple and white.

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  • Vinyl Pocket Chalker

    4.40 (5)

    This vinyl pocket chalker one our most popular chalkers. This classic chalker slips easily into your pocket so you don’t have to worry about any clips or magnets. You can purchase this pocket chalker in an array of different colors, giving you the option to always match it to your lucky pool apparel. If you want a simple way to always have your chalk close at hand, this is an effective affordable option.

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  • Action Pak - Magnetic Chalker

    3.50 (2)

    This Action Pak magnetic chalker is perfect for keeping your pool chalk with you at any time. If your tip needs some touching up during an important game of 9-ball then this magnetic chalker will have you ready. Just clip the holder to your pocket or belt loop and the chalk holder attaches directly via a small magnet. This is a great accessory for any pool player.

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  • Pocket Chalker with Tip Pick

    This unique pocket chalker has about 5 inches of a complete cue shaft (tip, ferrule, and all) as well as a threaded aluminum tip pick attached to it. It’s a fun accessory, and I guess you could shoot with it if you needed to make a really tight shot, but it’s mostly ornamental. Is that a shaft in your pocket, or are you just happy to be playing pool?.

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  • Euro Wrap Leather Chalk Holder

    4.00 (1)
    Made from untreated saddle leather. Hand sewn and assembled. The leather snap strap keeps the chalk dust out of you case and your pocket. Backed with a Lifetime Warranty Learn More

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  • Table Chalk Holder

    5.00 (2)

    This table chalk holder is a great way to always know where your chalk has been placed, so as not to loose track. Many pool rooms experience this unexplained problem of disappearing chalk, it has been reported in as many as 48 states and 20 different countries, now you have the opportunity to keep this hex away from your table.

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