So you know how we have that sweet 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee that even includes chalked pool cues? Well sometimes when a product doesn’t work out, we take it back so we can get you all something that’ll work out better. When that happens, the products don’t go back into stock. Instead, we clean them up, put them through a thorough examination (grades and descriptions can be seen on the product pages) and then offer them on our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) clearance pages with an extra discount!





You can find some real gems-of-a-deal in this section! We are always adding more of these Certified Pre-Owned specials so be sure to check back. Every CPO pool cue, shaft, and case in this clearance section is its own unique deal. If you see one you like you better jump on it! If you don’t someone else might buy it up first.

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Elite Big & Tall Cue (62") ELBT01 CPQ1692 /Lightly Used, Defect
Our Price $182.58
Save 35%
Predator REVO 12.9mm Radial WVP CPS1389 / New / Upgraded tip
Our Price $495.66
Save 5%
Cuetec Cynergy 12.5mm Carbon Shaft 3/8 x 14 CPS1382 / Lightly Used, Mushrooming
Our Price $359.20
Save 20%
Griffin 5/16x18 shaft, 13mm CPS1365 Used
Our Price $56.25
Save 25%
Out of stock
BULL CARBON FIBER  SHAFT CPS1399 - 12.25MM'/Small scratch
Our Price $374.25
Save 25%
Out of stock
Meucci MESW01 The Pro Shaft 5/16x18 CPS1341 / Lightly Used, Indentations near ferrule
Our Price $203.00
Save 36%
Out of stock
Spartan Victory Carbon Fiber 12.25mm 5/16x14 CPS1340 / Lightly Used
Our Price $337.75
Save 14%
Pechauer Carbon Fiber JPCF8 5/16 x 14 - CPS1358 / Tip Change, New
Our Price $416.50
Save 19%
Jacoby Carbon Fiber Shaft 5/16x14 CPS1361 /Lightly Used
Our Price $403.75
Save 15%
McDermott Stinger Shaft 3/8 x10 - CPS1388 / Dent and Scrape
Our Price $112.00
Save 20%
McDermott Defy Carbon Fiber Shaft - 12.5mm McDermott QR CPS1327/ trimmed ferrule, new tip
Our Price $335.20
Save 15%
Predator Mr.626 No Wrap Pool Cue CPQ1779 / Butt Only! No Extension
Our Price $738.00
Save 18%
Out of stock
Meucci MEHOF06 Pool Cue CPQ1744 / Like New, Tip Change
Our Price $782.40
Save 20%
Jacoby JCBUPXS Ultra Pro 5/16x18 Shaft CPS1343 / Chalked
Our Price $240.00
Save 20%
Lucasi Hybrid LHXSTD Shaft 3/8 x 10 CPS1328 / Lightly Used
Our Price $313.08
Save 25%
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