QMD3 Training Tool

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QMD3 Training Tool

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The QMD3 Stroke Trainer/Analyzer is the original digital stroke training aid.  It’s exclusively designed to help players of all skill levels improve their performance.  The small, Bluetooth enabled QMD3 unit is attached to your pool cue and teamed with its free software on your Apple or Android device.  While in use, the QMD3 conditions you to develop and refine a straight, consistent, accurate pool stroke.

  • QMD3 alerts you when your practice strokes are laterally off-line. The exclusive, instant audible feedback allows you to adjust and attain a truly straight stroke. The sensitivity of QMD3 to off-line movements is user adjustable to best fit the way you stroke.


  • QMD3 automatically records the motions of your cue stick and instantly shows you a graphic animation of your cue stick when you take a shot. The shot is recorded from the start of your back stroke through contact with the cue ball. The animation allows you to see the path of your cue stick compared to a straight path, thus enabling you to identify the part(s) of your stroke that are off-line. The animation may be viewed immediately after the shot is taken or, since all shots are saved, reviewed individually after you’ve ended a practice session.


  • QMD3 provides meaningful, understandable statistics for all the shots in your practice session as well as session averages.  These metrics are graphical, comprehensive and include Impact Distribution, Lateral/Vertical/Roll Stroke Range, Stroke Tempo, Speed and Acceleration Index.


By providing you with instant feedback, 3-D graphic details and complete metrics the QMD3 aids in developing/refining your stroke and improving your playing results.  


Additional Information

Misc Billiards Accessories

Stroke Feedback Type

Stroke laterally 'off-line' alerts, audible/vibrate modes.

Stroke Feedback Assessment

Instantaneous, real-time, while you stroke.

Stroke Feedback Sensitivity

Fully adjustable (beginner thru advanced).

Stroke Recording

Automatic, captures cue movement/orientation, tip position, stroke velocity.

Stroke Playback

3-D graphic animation or frame-by-frame.

Stroke Analysis

Complete, meaningful and relevant metrics/statistics.

Required Devices

Apple iPhone/iPad (with iOS 10.3+), Android Phone/Tablet (with Android 5.0+).  


Bluetooth 4.2+ required


Internal LIPO, USB port chargeable, charging cable included.


42x22x17 (mm), 0.58 oz.



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