Valentine's Day is going to be here sooner than you think, so don't get caught out in the cold when it comes to gifts! We LOVE pool players and we want you all to be our Valentines. We figured that the best gift we can give is to make it extra easy for YOU to get winning Valentine’s gifts for your billiard playing beloved. That’s why we've put together this convenient list of gifts under $50 that are perfect for anyone who likes to shoot pool.

Sure, you could play safe (and boring) with your Valentine’s Day gift by buying candy or flowers. OR, you can go for the WIN with some awesome billiard gear! Check out this SWEET gift guide and we hope that you ultimately get some (of these products for your sweetheart ????)!

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Tiger Paw 3-Cue Holder
Our Price $49.00
PoolDawg Towel with Grommet
Our Price $7.95
Save 47%
Predator Chalk & Octagon Chalk Holder
Our Price $15.95
Save 14%
Quick Clean Table Cleaner
Our Price $19.50
Save 15%
Action Deluxe Pool and Billiard Gloves
Our Price $12.95
Save 28%
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Last 4 Ever Tip Tool With Nickel Radius
Our Price $18.95
Save 21%
Ultra Light Retractable Bridge Stick
Our Price $22.50
Save 10%
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Jim Rempe Training Billiards Ball
Our Price $48.86
Save 20%
Porper 6 Cue Holder
Our Price $21.95
Save 12%
X10R Slip-On 12" Rear Extension
Our Price $39.99
Save 20%
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Cue Doctor Dent Buffer
Our Price $12.95
Save 13%
Tiger X Pool And Billiard Glove
Our Price $22.00
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PoolDawg Perfect Rack
Our Price $19.99
Save 20%
Predator Chalk (Box of 5 Cubes)
Our Price $9.50
Kamui Chalk .98
Our Price $30.20
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Looking to buy a new pool cue? Check out these GREAT CUES that are IN STOCK and although they are all priced under $250, they'll shoot like a million bucks!

Instock Pool Cues under $250

If you prefer to talk to someone for help making a gift decision call us! (866) 843-3294 Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 5pm (MST).  Or, keep it simple with a PoolDawg Gift Certificates; the perfect ZERO STRESS gift for any occasion plus they are delivered IMMEDIATELY!