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Aramith Black "Measles" Cue Ball
Our Price $48.26
Save 20%
Out of stock
X10R Slip-On 12" Pool Cue Extension
Our Price $39.99
Save 20%
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Predator Chalk & Octagon Chalk Holder
Our Price $15.95
Save 14%
Out of stock
Last 4 Ever Combo Tip Tool
Our Price $31.49
Save 10%
PoolDawg Shaft Maintenance Kit
Our Price $33.75
Save 25%
Kamui Kageki Chalk
Our Price $31.70
The Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers Book
Our Price $39.95
Save 20%
Dr. V's Neo Square Magnetic Chalker
Our Price $40.00
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Economy Pool Ball Carrying Case
Our Price $49.95
Save 17%
Jim Rempe Training Billiards Ball
Our Price $48.86
Save 20%
Cuetec 3 in 1 Bowtie Tip Tool
Our Price $19.95
Save 33%
Tiger Smoother and Burnisher
Our Price $14.00
Kamui Tip Protectors
Our Price $8.80
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Quick Clean Table Cleaner
Our Price $19.50
Save 15%
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Looking to buy a new pool cue? Check out these GREAT CUES that are IN STOCK and although they are all priced under $250, they'll shoot like a million bucks!

Instock Pool Cues under $250

If you prefer to talk to someone for help making a gift decision call us! (866) 843-3294 Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 5pm (MST).  Or, keep it simple with a PoolDawg Gift Certificates; the perfect ZERO STRESS gift for any occasion plus they are delivered IMMEDIATELY! 

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