Molinari 3 Butt 6 Shaft Cyan/Black Flat Cue Case

Molinari 3 Butt 6 Shaft Cyan/Black Flat Cue Case

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Pool players love a good case and when you find one, you tend to stick with it. However, sometimes you need a bigger case to fit all your cues in it. Molinari produces some impressive cues and accessories and now we have their cases! From 1x1 cases to these 3x6 cases, Molinari has designed a pool cue case for just about any pool player. A stronger vinyl outside material keeps the case a bit more resistance to scratches and staying clean better, double stitched seams for extra durability along with a bunch of accessory pockets perfect for your jump handle or your Pro Cup Cue Ball you carry with you. With some fancy pull tabs, a number lock for extra protection, you can rest assured that when you carry your Molinari case, you know they are well protected. If you like the look of this cyan and black case, take a look at its partner case – the navy and white 3 butt 5 shaft case! 


Shape: Flat
Type: Hard
Material: Vinyl
Structure: Butterfly style
Color: Cyan with black accents and the Molinari logo in black
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacture