Molinari Cue Wax

Molinari Cue Wax

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Sometimes we forget that maintaining our shafts is a very important part of keeping our cues in pristine condition for the long haul. If you are looking for that go-to smoothness of that first time feeling on a shaft, then you have to add some of the Molinari Cue Wax to your maintenance routine. Give your shaft a good, deep clean first (we recommend the PoolDawg Shaft and Ferrule Cleaner) and then follow up with the Molinari Cue Wax. The cleaning will remove the dirt, grime and chalk residue and then apply the Molinari Cue Wax to your shaft. This will seal the pores of the wood and will help reject dirt and chalk residue leaving your shaft silky smooth… like a babies cheek. 


Use: To polish and clean shafts and works on all wood shafts - NOT recommended for fiberglass or carbon fiber composite!