OB DigiCue BLUE Training Aid - Ver. 2

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OB DigiCue BLUE Training Aid - Ver. 2

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The OB DigiCue BLUE is the next step in a revolutionary new way of thinking when it comes to training aids. This rubberized device easily slides over the butt of your cue and alerts with vibrations when your stroke varies from where it should be. But that's not all, the DigiCue BLUE is fully Bluetooth enabled which means that you can connect it to the DigiCue app on your phone which will show you in-depth statistical analysis of your stroke. The app is easy to use and free for both Apple and Android devices.

The DigiCue BLUE is designed to detect:

- Jab strokes
- Follow through smoothness / acceleration through the cue ball
- Finish duration
- Tip steering and direction
- Straightness of your stroke
- Finesse
- Shot interval (time between shots)
- Backstroke pause duration

If you're looking to take your game to the next level, adding the DigiCue to your training regimen is a good place to start. And, as always, if you have any questions please give us a call! (866) 843-3294

NOTE: Due to exclusive dealership status, we are not able to ship the DigiCue BLUE to Great Britian, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales


Additional Information

OB Cues
Connectivity:  Bluetooth enabled with the DigiCue BLUE App
Weight:                                Less than an ounce
Sizes:  Comes with two sizes to fit most pool, carom and snooker cues
Power:  Battery included (CR2032 3V)
Color:  Black
Material:  Rubber
Manufacturer:  Made in the USA
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