Pool Cue Maintenance

When you buy a pool cue, there’s more than just chalking and shooting.  To make your cue last and to make your playing optimal, you need to take care of your pool cue.  That means cleaning the shaft, grooming the tip, scuffing, shaping and more.

 Here at PoolDawg, we carry some of the best tools and solutions for taking proper care of your pool cue.  Not sure what to get?  Just give us a call at 866-843-3294 and we’ll help you find the best tools to keep your cue looking cuesmith new.

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Kamui Roku Chalk - Blue
Our Price $25.90
QCZZ Mezz Magnetic Chalk Holder
Our Price $20.00
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Mezz Smart Sticker - CHMSS
Our Price $7.00
Mezz Smart Chalk - CHZZ1 Single
Our Price $15.00
Our Price $40.00
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Navigator Chalk
Our Price $26.00
Predator Chalk & Octagon Chalk Holder
Our Price $15.95
Save 14%
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Kamui Chalk .98
Our Price $30.20
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Kamui Chalk 1.21
Our Price $30.20
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Harley-Davidson Chalk
Our Price $8.95
Save 10%
Magic Chalk
Our Price $10.25
Save 21%
Triangle Chalk (Box of 12 Cubes)
Our Price $4.95
Save 17%
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Triangle Chalk (Box of 144 Cubes)
Our Price $47.50
Save 27%
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Balabushka Chalk v2 (Box of 3 Cubes)
Our Price $19.80
Save 10%
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Silver Cup Chalk (Box of 144 Cubes)
Our Price $27.95
Save 20%
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