Predator Jasmin Ouschan Urbain 3x5 Hard Cue Case

Predator Jasmin Ouschan Urbain 3x5 Hard Cue Case

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Embark on a journey of superior cue protection with the exceptional collaboration between Predator and the illustrious billiards champion, Jasmin Ouschan. Behold the magnificent 3x5 soft case born from their shared vision. Dressed in a timeless black and white color scheme, this case radiates elegance and functionality in equal measure. Its spacious design effortlessly accommodates up to three butts and five shafts, ensuring ample room for your cherished cues. Complete with a large outer zipper pocket, this case offers a sanctuary for your accessories, ensuring everything stays organized and within reach. Let Jasmin's expertise and Predator's innovation elevate your game as you embark on your billiards journey with the utmost style and protection.

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Color: Black and White
Material: Synthetic
Capacity: 3 Butts, 5 Shafts
Pockets: One large zippered pocket with internal storage
Case Length: 33.5”
Structure: Hard case with internal tubes
Lining: Felt
Strap: Ergonomic adjustable strap
Fits Up to: 31" Shaft
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer