Spartan Victory Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shaft - 12.75mm

Spartan Victory Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shaft - 12.75mm

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The Victory carbon fiber shaft by Spartan is the industry's first truly customizable low-deflection shaft, with joint style, tip diameter, ferrule color, and tip all available for the customer to choose. The Victory shaft is a 12.75mm, 29" shaft with a true 14" pro taper that is crafted from one continuous piece of carbon fiber. This unique seamless construction provides uniform stiffness around the shaft's circumference, and allows for extreme radial symmetry without any inconsistencies. The extreme consistency allows for predictably low-deflection and extreme accuracy.

The Victory shaft offers excellent playability and feel, with a maintenance-free ultra smooth finish that is dent and ding resistant.

PLUS you can get additional adapters that allow you to change out the joint insert so you can one shaft that pairs with all of your favorite cues! You no longer need to spend an extra $400 - $500+ to get a completely different Carbon Fiber Shaft to use on your various cues. With just a few turns, the shaft insert can be replaced with a completely different style! Available in Uniloc, Radial, 3/8 x 10, 5/16 x 14, and 5/16 x 18.  Bring your cue customization to the next level with Spartan.

PLEASE NOTE: The Spartan Victory shafts do not come with tips installed. You may choose to install your own tip, or we can install the tip of your choice from the drop-down menu above. Tip Change Labor Fee is WAIVED (You'll automatically receive the discount at checkout)!

The Spartan Victory is also available in a 12.25mm option here!

All Spartan Victory Carbon shafts are manufactured and assembled in the USA, and include a limited lifetime warranty.


Joint Style:

Uniloc, Radial, 3/8 x 10,

5/16 x 14, 5/16 x 18,


Tip Diameter 12.75mm
Tip Does not come with a tip. Select your own. Tip Change Labor Fee is WAVED
Ferrule: 3mm Black or White Juma
Length: 29"
Shaft: Continuous Carbon Fiber