Carbon Fiber Cues

Carbon Fiber Cues

Carbon fiber pool cue shafts have changed the billiard world like no other product in recent history. Through years of research and development, top pool cue manufacturers have discovered new ways to leverage the light-weight strength of carbon fiber to build shafts that are not only tough and durable but also flex where they need to for optimal spin and feel. The aerospace grade carbon fiber is ultra-efficient and allows for the least amount of front end mass all but eliminating cue ball squirt. These shafts are also filled with special foam that reduces vibration while providing balance and consistent feedback. The result is a piece of equipment engineered to be the highest performing, most consistent and accurate shaft possible. Plus, they will never warp or wear down so you can consider the purchase as an investment in your game that will be paying back for life! 

The carbon fiber pool cue movement is not a gimmicky marketing fallacy.  These products represent the best-of-the-best and are universally adopted by the world’s top players and professionals including John “Mr. 626” Schmidt who was able to best Willie Mosconi’s straight pool high run (held for over 65 years) with his 12.4 Predator REVO.

Top Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Brands:

Predator Cues are at the forefront of the Carbon Fiber technology and really started the movement when they released the hugely popular Predator REVO line.  The Predator REVO shafts are available in 12.4mm and 12.9mm sizes and are offered in multiple joint styles.  They also came out with a carbon fiber break shaft that comes on their BKRUSH break cues.  These have been such a huge hit that we still have a hard time keeping them in stock several years after their initial launch. We can upgrade any of the Predator cues that we carry to come with a REVO shaft by charging the difference.  This typically is a $190 extra charge.  Please give us a call if you want help completing a purchase with an upgrade.

Cuetec came out with their Cynergy Carbon Fiber cues that feature a 12.5mm tip with a short white sighting ferrule. Designed with input from World Champion Shane Van Boening these shafts are renowned for their hit. They are available in all the major joint styles and come packaged in a cool special box with some extra free goodies. Other brands that made the Carbon Fiber jump are Jacoby, Meucci, Miki Ignite (Mezz) with more options and joint styles coming out all the time.     

Carbon Fiber Shaft Maintenance:

These shafts are naturally very smooth and are warp resistant too so they will not require as much maintenance but when the time comes, be aware that their care is different from how you would care for a wooden shaft.  For one, you never want to use anything abrasive.  Usually, you can just wipe these down with a damp cloth to get them clean.  Some manufacturers recommend using diluted rubbing alcohol or mild dish soap. They also may come with special wipes that you can use.  Check the manufacturer recommendations before applying anything to your shaft. Tip changes need to be done by an authorized dealer or repair center to prevent voiding the warranty. PoolDawg is authorized by all manufacturers to provide tip change services. Most carbon fiber shafts come with a lifetime warranty.

If you have any questions about buying carbon fiber shafts for your cue, matching one up with a new butt that we carry or any maintenance questions please reach out to our knowledgeable staff who will be happy to help!!! 866-843-3294