Low Deflection Shafts

Low Deflection Pool Cue Shafts for Increased Billiards Performance

Shopping for a low deflection shaft? These performance shafts reduce cue ball deflection which allows you to gain more control over the cue ball while reducing the amount you have to compensate when putting English on the ball.

PoolDawg is proud to be an authorized retailer for shafts from Predator, OB, Katana, Lucasi, McDermott, Tiger and more at the lowest prices online.

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Hsunami Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft
Our Price $419.00
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Spartan Victory Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shaft - 12.25mm
Our Price $395.00
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Predator REVO 11.8mm Pool Cue Shaft w/ Black Vault Plate
Our Price $499.00
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Jacoby Black 11.8mm Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shaft
Our Price $427.50
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