Training Balls

Training Balls

Need to practice ball control and english? PoolDawg carries a wide selection of pool training balls to help you become a better player! Our inventory includes the popular Rempe Training Ball, Elephant Practice Balls, & more. With a training cue ball and some practice, you'll master cue ball control, spin effects, and rebound control.

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  1. Jim Rempe Training Billiards Ball

    Improve your cue ball control, spin effects and rebound control with the Jim Rempe Training Ball by Aramith. Designed by Jim Rempe, this ball has both a beginner and advanced player side so as you improve as a player, the ball will grow with your game.

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  2. iCue Clock Billiards Training Cue Ball
    The iCue Clock Training Cue Ball will raise any player's pool IQ! Learn More

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  3. Aramith Pro Cup 6 Red Dot TV 'Measles' Cue Ball

    Any fan of pool and billiards who has watched a televised event has seen this cue ball with red dots. Aramith has released this unique red dot cue ball to the public. This distinctive cue ball is exactly like the ones you see on ESPN. The six red dots on the cue ball allow you to see the spin of the cue ball.

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  4. McDermott Jump Training Ball

    Learn how to jump, jump follow and jump draw with the easy to use McDermott Jump Trainer. Simply line up your shaft to the guide line and hit the clover. Plus learn how to add Masse to all jumps. Learn how to make the following shots: Standard Jump, Jump Draw, Jump Follow and Jump Masse.

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  5. Aramith Aiming by Numbers Method Training Balls

    Looking for help with aiming? You've got to check out Aramith's Aiming by Numbers system developed by Joe Tucker and Mike Massey. I'm not going to tell you that this is as easy as painting Bob Ross style, but it really does help. Included in the set are:

    *Two regulation size Aramith training balls with unique embedded patterns
    *Two aiming discs
    *Two pocket cheat sheets
    *A 45 page manual that includes 25 detailed drawings

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  6. Aramith Q-Tru Training Cue Ball

    The Q-Tru will train you how and where to hit the cue ball through its unique ball markings. You'll improve your position play, cue ball control and rebound control. Plus, it comes with a handy training pamphlet to boot! I should also mention that the cue ball is made by Aramith, which means you'll be getting a ball with high quality phenolic resin. As for the training patterns, they're embedded under a wear resistant layer, so you know your training ball will last.

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  7. Aramith Pool Champion Training Ball IPPC
    This Aramith 2-sided training ball will help your ball pocketing skills and your cue ball control. It's a 2 for 1! Learn More

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  8. Elephant EZ Shot Cue Ball

    The E-Z Shot Cue Ball, designed for both beginners and experienced players, is the fastest, most effective way for beginners to learn and experienced players to sharpen their skills by getting back to the basics.

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  9. Action Toxic Training Ball
    Every time I see this ball, it makes me think of Marty McFly, Doc Brown and a kickass plutonium charged DeLorean. Makes you wonder what would happen if you hit this ball at 88 MPH...

    In all seriousness, the Action Toxic Training Ball is a great way to improve your cue ball positioning and is helpful for players of all skill level. This new training balls has detailed target grids designed to give the shooter visual feedback of where to strike the cue ball in order to get the desired amount of "english". Practicing with this great training aid will teach you the trick of getting accurate draw, follow, side spin and even bank shots. Learn More

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