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The OB DigiCue is the first step in a revolutionary new way of thinking when it comes to training aids. This rubberized device easily slides over the butt of your cue and alerts with vibrations when your stroke varies from where it should be. It'll detect steering, jabs, body english, and standing up during your stroke. It has three different modes from novice to advanced so you can dial in your stroke. If you want to improve your game, you have to try the DigiCue!

Turning on the DigiCue is easy just press the circle power button it will vibrate to let you know it is turned on.
It will turn off automatically off after five minutes without use.

You can change the sensitivity settings by pressing the power button three times.
It will vibrate once for the lowest sensitivity.
Press the power button three times again for medium sensitivity it will vibrate two times.
Press the power button three times again for highest sensitivity it will vibrate three times.

You can tell which sensitivity level it set to by just pressing the power button once. 

NOTE: Due to exclusive dealership status, we are not able to ship the DigiCue to Great Britian, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales


Settings:  Novice, Intermediate and Advanced
Weight:                                Less than an ounce
Sizes:  Comes with two sizes to fit most pool, Carom and Snooker cues
Power:  Battery included (CR2032 3V)
Color:  Black
Material:  Rubber
Manufacturer:  Made in the USA

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