Over the years, we’ve teamed up with a number of the top brands in billiards to build our line of Pooldawg Branded Gear. So far we’ve gathered a large selection with over 60 cool products that have our name on it! These collaborations include McDermott, Action, Outlaw, and Cuetec to name drop a few.

We ALWAYS keep our prices as low as possible on everything we sell but we really HOOK IT UP with our PoolDawg Branded Gear! We figure that if you are representing PoolDawg items when you are out at the pool hall and league night, then we should get you an extra good deal! We have a couple of REALLY nice cues including: the McDermott G225 cues laser engraved with “Frank the Dawg” on the butt sleeve, our crazy popular DAWGFATHER break cue that was featured in People Magazine as a top gift for Father’s Day (thanks Mario Lopez, A.K.A. “A.C. Slater”), the PoolDawg Bundle that is a perfect pool player starter pack plus a TON of cool pool cue cases and accessories. 

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PoolDawg Comfort Case Strap
Our Price $25.00
Save 11%
PoolDawg Cue, Case and Chalk Bundle
Our Price $95.00
Save 28%
Out of stock
PoolDawg Arena Pool Table Cloth
Our Price $126.25
Save 15%
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PoolDawg Sneaky Pete Pool Cue by McDermott
Our Price $423.00
Save 10%
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PoolDawg Heavy-Duty 8 Ball Rack
Our Price $10.50
Save 19%
PoolDawg Leather Burnishing Pad
Our Price $3.95
Save 20%
PoolDawg Moosehead Bridge Head
Our Price $2.50
Save 37%
PoolDawg 8-Ball Break Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
Our Price $25.95
Save 13%
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PoolDawg DAWGBJ Break Jump Cue
Our Price $117.00
Save 10%
Out of stock
PoolDawg Pro Slide Women's Billiard Glove
Our Price $10.95
Save 27%
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Our Price $59.95
Save 20%
Out of stock
PoolDawg DAWGJMP Jump Cue
Our Price $89.10
Save 10%
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PoolDawg 2 Butt 2 Shaft Hard Case
Our Price $75.00
Save 35%
PoolDawg Starter Pool Cue Set
Our Price $94.45
Save 25%
Out of stock
Our Price $85.00
Save 19%
Out of stock
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