PoolDawg Pool Cue Cases

PoolDawg Pool Cue Cases

Did you know that PoolDawg makes pool cue cases?  

Just like us, our pool cue cases are pretty no nonsense.  Well, that's not really just like us, since we're all about the nonsense, but they are some nice basic cases.  Whether it's a soft case or a hard case, PoolDawg's got you (and your pool cue) covered.

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  • PoolDawg 1 Butt 1 Shaft Hard Case

    If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to safely transport one cue, the PoolDawg tube style case is an excellent option. This case is a traditional 1 x 1 black case with the PoolDawg logo stitched into the pocket. The PoolDawg case carries one butt and one shaft up to 30-inches in length. The spacious pocket and shoulder strap make this a convenient cue without a lot of fuss.

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  • 2017 PoolDawg Catalog

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  • PoolDawg 1 Butt 2 Shaft Hard Case

    The PoolDawg 1 butt 2 shaft round tube style case features a sleek black vinyl, poured rubber mold casting. This protective, inexpensive case holds one butt and two shafts up to 30-inches in length and has a spacious pocket and convenient shoulder strap.

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  • PoolDawg 1 Butt 1 Shaft Soft Case

    Talk about a win-win item! Not only is this soft case from PoolDawg the most cost effective way to protect your cues, you also get to show your love of the DAWG! Vinyl case with foam padding, exterior pocket and shoulder strap. Separated sleeves to fit one shaft and one butt inserted in either direction.

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  • PoolDawg Comfort Case Strap

    Don't you hate it when your shoulder strap digs into your shoulder? Well fear not, because the PoolDawg Comfort Strap is here! This new strap features black faux fur padding for extra stability and cushion, and 3 D-Ring hooks. Attaches easily to most cases. Strap extends to 33-46 inches. Learn More

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