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Pool Cue Tips carries pool cue tips from the best known and highest quality manufacturers. Moori, Le Pro, Tiger, Elk Master, Triangle, and Kamui pool stick tips are all in stock and ready to ship. Need more information? Check out our Pool Cue Tip Buying Guide, which features the hardness ratings for every pool cue tip that we sell and the Choosing a Pool Cue Tip article which helps you decide which hardness to go with.

We have over 60 selections for you to choose from! That kind of freedom of choice can be overwhelming, but that's why we have a team of experts on staff! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you have about any of the tips or cue stick supplies we offer at 866-843-3294.

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  1. Zan Plus Pool Cue Tip (Single)
    The ZAN Plus tip is a high quality laminated leather tip composed of eight or nine layers of pig and hog leather. For each hardness, specific leathers are used which gives ZAN tips solidity and high elasticity. Using this unique approach, ZAN tips holds chalk exceptionally well. This in turn gives the player maximum control and consistency, no matter what shot they have at the table. Learn More

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  2. White Diamond Break Jump Pool Cue Tip

    Are you ready for the next generation of break tips? The Picone White Diamond tips are among the best performing break and jump tips on the market. They are loved by pros and amateurs alike and best of all, they're made from fiber instead of phenolic!

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    Market Price: $10.95

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  3. G2 Pool Cue Tip (Single)

    I always thought that Japan was known for making electronics, but apparently it's all about the billiard cue tips over in the Land of the Rising Sun. First it was Moori, then Kamui and now we've got the supremely awesome G2 pool cue tip. Learn More

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  4. Moori Pool Cue Tip

    WOW! Check out these layered boar leather tips. Moori was among one of the first companies to produce the layered tip. At first they were actually all made by hand by Hideo Moori out of his home outside of Tokyo, Japan. Although these replacement pool cue tips are now made in a factory, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting a great quality tip at a very competitive price.

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  5. Talisman Pro Pool Cue Tip

    Talisman tips are consistent in quality and hardness, both between the hardness grades and from tip to tip. Talisman consistency is the basis of their business and very strict quality control standards ensure that all products meet the rigid standards imposed.

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    Market Price: $18.95

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  6. Hirano Pool Cue Tip

    Originally introduced in 2009, the Hirano pool cue tip is Japanese innovation at it's finest. Available in soft, medium or hard, each Hirano tip features four layers of ultra-thick pigskin, with the fibers in each layer aligned in different directions for greater strength and stability. Plus, because the manufacturing does not include any chemical additives, your tip will not become slippery or rigid over time.

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  7. Blue Elf Pool Cue Tip

    How awesome would it be if elves actually made more then presents and if they made this pool cue tip? This tip is not made of elf skin and honestly isn't really all that blue, but it is a seriously solid tip. From a hardness perspective, our durometer measured it at 90.4, making it one of the harder tips we sell.

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  8. G10 Break Jump Pool Cue Tip (Single)

    These G10 tips are the next big thing! They are made out of fiberglass instead of phenolic for the perfect shot everytime!

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